Hardware Mafia is a community of people building Hardware products.

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I've been part of the Hardware Mafia for a year now, and it's been invaluable. The members offer great support and solutions across a wide range of technical and entrepreneurial areas. In the hardware space, finding such a supportive community is rare. If you're a hardware startup, join this community – you won't have to navigate your entrepreneurial journey alone.

Mohan SP Co-Founder, Sensio

Hardware Mafia has been awesome supporting each other and providing solutions to the challenges unique to hardware-based startups. The diverse expertise of its members spans hardware design, prototyping, supply chain management, and manufacturing. The community's generosity is evident in the wealth of resources shared, from troubleshooting tips to various industry insights. I'm grateful for the support and encouragement.

Karthik Rangarajan Founder, Agam Robotics

Transitioning from a software background to hardware development presented unique challenges, especially in India's nascent hardware landscape. Joining the community has been a game-changer for me. Facing common hurdles like component sourcing and navigating import-export processes, this community offered invaluable support and insights. The shared experiences, collective knowledge and the camaraderie make it an essential asset in this complex industry.

Kiran Kumar Founder, PongFox

The diverse community, spanning tech, business, and operations, a unique environment for learning and growth. If you're a hardware enthusiast seeking a supportive network to share your journey, tackle challenges on a broader scale, and elevate your skills, this is the place to be. Personally, the weekly interactions with like-minded enthusiasts have fueled my motivation and offered a valuable platform for sharing my work and gaining insights.

Anshuman Fauzdar EiR, IITM Pravartak

The nexus of hardware enthusiasts, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Our community is meant to be a go-to space for sharing insights, troubleshooting challenges and celebrating your creations. Here, we foster a collaborative environment where expertise meets curiosity, and where ideas are forged into reality.



As a unified group, we can advocate for common interests, whether it's influencing industry standards, addressing regulatory challenges, or promoting the importance of hardware development in the broader community. This collective voice can have a stronger impact than individual efforts.


Hardware development often requires significant resources, including funding, equipment and specialized knowledge. By organizing as a community, members can pool their resources, reducing individual costs and making it more feasible for everyone to access the tools and materials they need.


Hardware development involves a wide range of disciplines, including electronics, mechanical engineering, firmware/software development and more. By forming a community, individuals can share their expertise, experiences and insights. This collaboration can lead to faster problem-solving, innovation and the exchange of best practices.


Building hardware products can be a challenging and complex endeavor. Being part of a community provides a support system where members can share their successes and failures, seek advice and offer encouragement. This sense of community can be crucial for maintaining motivation and resilience during difficult times.